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VFNRadio Second Hour July 2, 2013

         Revivals have transformed America throughout history; America is due for another Transformation
LISTEN NOW! John, Pat, and Steve share about how revivals have transformed America throughout our history and how America is due for another transforming move of God.  Many have forgotten or simply don’t know the original intent of how this nation was formed and how much Judeo Christian principles have been instrumental to America becoming a nation.  CBN reports how William Penn and the Quakers felt “That the people would be self-governing from within by the love of God and by an inner moral compass guided by the New
Testament,” he said.  “The more that they would be governed from within, the less outward government that they would need.”  They continued to discuss that the hope for America is not more laws that try to legislate behavior but a move of God that sweeps across the country with an outpouring of God that touches the inner core of man resulting in a life that honors God.  They encourage us to seek God for a great awakening to come upon the United States that would continue to spread around the world.
It’s a New Day and A New Season; Prophetic Word given by Bro. John Kilpatrick
LISTEN NOW!  John, Pat, and Steve share and discuss Brother John Kilpatrick’s prophetic word.  He shares how it’s a new day and a new season for your life.  The prophetic word was filled with great hope of what the Lord is about to do to and for his people.  This prophetic word spoke of so much fruit that would cause your limbs to break.  This is your year Brother Kilpatrick prophesied.  They continue to share how many have gone through trials and setbacks and encouraged us to receive the prophetic word and not get stuck in what has been.  God indeed is doing a new thing and is ushering in a new season.  Don’t miss it.
VFN Torch Top3 
LISTEN NOW!  John discusses the Top 3 Stories on the VFN Torch on July 2, 2013.



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