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You are Josiah; Don’t miss Your Josiah Moment

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat share about being Josiah and not missing our Josiah moments.  They share about how in America we have a government by and for the people which means that we are responsible.  They continued to share what happened during the reign of King Josiah.  During his reign he assigned some men to search out and look in the temple and what they found was the word of God.  When King Josiah heard the word of God he was convicted and ripped his garments and turned a nation back.  His repentance caused God to put on the brakes in terms of judgment.  They continued to share that when you know better you do better.  People today in America are “King Josiah” since we have a government by the people and for the people we are the ones who elect representatives to pass legislation that we decide who we want in our land.  When the church awakens to what is written in the Bible we will begin to see more and more Josiah moments like we saw in Texas and Florida when both Governors took unprecedented measures to see abortions restricted in their states.  They continue to remind us that we are Josiah and for us not to miss our Josiah moment.  

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