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Zimmerman’s Acquittal ; keeping Perspective

screen capture from youtube.com/Fox News


LISTEN NOW John, Pat and Chris discuss Zimmerman’s acquittal and the importance of keeping perspective.  They discuss that either way you look at the outcome it is just sad.  One you boy has been killed and another man will be marked for the rest of his life.    They continue to talk about how important it is to have perspective and understanding of all the injustices that have occurred throughout America’s history.  We can’t just look at one incident and come to a conclusion but look at history over some time.  Part of healing me is hearing me and we do that we pause to see through the eyes of others.  They also discussed how the U.S. Constitution could be seen through the whole trial.  They shared how Sunday mornings are still the most segregated hours in the week.  That’s when the church gathers in their respective places of worship.  If we are going to get race right in America it needs to start in the church.


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