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Economic Stimulus Can’t Last forever; Time to use restraint


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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss how the economic Stimulus can’t last forever.  They discuss how the biggest thing we learn about history is that we don’t learn anything from history.    They discuss how although news reports indicate that things are getting better economically just yesterday they discuss an encounter they had with a businessman in the community whose business is hurting.  Then right after that meeting they had a discussion with managers of a very large company that provided food for the gulf coast that was going out of business.  When it was asked what the management was going to do, they said they are all going on unemployment.   America’s economy is built on confidence and the moment the country loses its confidence the economy goes down.   They continue to share how the economic stimulus can’t last forever and we must exercise restraint and just say no.  They share an analogy of children that are enjoying the “stimulus package” their parents provide to them in the areas  that their needs are being supplied yet there comes a point when the parents end the stimulus they are providing and help their children transition outside of their home so they can provide for themselves.  If a parent continues to provide for their children all of their lives they will destroy their child.  If a nation provides all of its citizens needs it will destroy the nation.



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