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Home » Egypt is unraveling; Muslim Brotherhood Killing Christians and burning down Churches

Egypt is unraveling; Muslim Brotherhood Killing Christians and burning down Churches

Courtesy of  Mohamed Elsayyed/

LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Chris discuss how Egypt is unraveling and the Muslim Brotherhood are attacking Christians and blaming them for President Morsi being removed.  As CBN reports, the truth is that it was other Muslims not Christians that removed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood from power but the truth doesn’t appear to be important to them.  Allegedly the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is responsible for the burning down of over 20 churches and for killing countless Christians.  They continued to discuss how this was the same tactic used by Hitler in Germany.  Blame the Jews for everything.  This strategy no matter how wicked it was, it did prove to be successful resulting in 6 million Jews being sent to the gas chambers and ovens.  Radical Islam hates the Jews and Christians and wants to see both completely removed from the face of the earth.  The International Prayer Council has issued an urgent prayer request for Egyptian Christians.  It reads in part as follows:
Please pray with our Egyptian brothers and sisters in Christ for His purposes to be accomplished for their land at this time of crisis.
Pray for their protection amidst the maelstrom of violent confrontation and for the authorities to have wisdom and restraint in reestablishing order.
And that many find hope and salvation in Jesus Christ.

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