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Home » God can bring Correction to a Nation

God can bring Correction to a Nation

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss how God can bring correction to a nation.  We are living in a season of rapid prophetic fulfillment.  We can learn the ways of God by simply seeing how He responds to what people are doing.   They begin to share how when God deals with a nation there a three phases of judgment.   Just because God deals with a nation doesn’t mean he is doing away with the church in that nation.  Most of this segment is dedicated towards the first phase.  The first phase is about correction.  The enemy has so twisted that word to mean something very bad in the mind of most people however, correction the Bible tells us, is the way of life.  God brings correction in hopes that it would cause us to change our direction and result in us doing the right thing.    In Romans 1 the Bible tells us that if we don’t acknowledge God and worship images, God will turn us over to them.   They continue to share in God’s News Behind the News how according to CBN, American Embassies across the Middle East and North Africa are being evacuated because of potential terror threats.  There was a day in America when the enemy was on the run, today it is America that is on the run.   They encourage us and remind us that no matter what happens to man’s kingdom; the kingdom of God stands and expands.

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