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Preach the Gospel to EVERYONE; Think outside of the Box

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss how we need to preach the gospel to everyone as they challenge us to get out side of the box.  They remind us of all the technology that is in the world today and how much of that technology causes us to use less and less of our minds in the area of having to think.  They encourage us to take time to think and process things in light of God’s word.  The way a business is figured out is by throwing out a business scenario and allow others to discuss and share ideas.   Thinkers ask questions.  They encourage the church to take the time to really think and refuse to be tempted to place cookie cutter answers to multifaceted issues people are facing as we share the gospel of Jesus Christ.   They continue to discuss two scenarios that are out of the box of many believers today as a way to challenge us to think outside the box and to pray and rely on God’s leading and directing.  Our job as believers is simply to preach the gospel to everyone and let the Holy Spirit sort it out.  



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