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Home » The Persecuted Church in China : the Holy Principle More Persecution More Growth

The Persecuted Church in China : the Holy Principle More Persecution More Growth


LISTEN NOW! John, Greg and Pat discuss the persecuted church in China and how they hold dear the holy principle according to honored church leader Samuel Lamb, more persecution more growth.   In a recent report shared by Charisma News the church in China that was gathered in homes thought they were being robbed when plain clothes police officers raided their gathering because it was an illegal Christian gathering.    According to Charisma News “Christians in China are required by law to attend government-sanctioned religious services, while those under the age of 18 are prohibited from attending religious services of any kind.”  The leaders were arrested and even fined.  Nearly at the same time and arrest of these Chinese leaders an honored hero of the persecuted church in China, Samuel Lamb, died at the age of 88.  Samuel Lamb’s ministry affected millions of believers both inside and outside of China.    Lamb is remembered according to CBN for preaching the unadulterated Gospel, teachings on the suffering of Job, and what he called the Holy Principle “more persecution, more growth.”  They continue to discuss how blessed we are to live in America and for the wisdom of the Constitution that gives Christian believers the rights to gather and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ the very thing that has caused our brothers and sisters , in China and other parts of the world,  much suffering.  They encourage us to preach the gospel without reservation in the blessed land that we live in as well as encouraging us to pray and stand with the persecuted Church.  It was America who first sent missionaries to China but now America needs China to send missionaries to America.



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