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VFNRadio First Hour August 16,2013


    Get All In what God is doing TODAY

LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Chris discuss the importance of getting all in what God is doing today.  They continue to share how you only have one life to give to the Lord and encourage us not only to invest our lives but our financial resources.  So many today are caught up in buying things and stuff but you can be rich towards God by investing in the kingdom.  God is getting ready to do something today that is so amazing that if he told you; you wouldn’t even believe it.  They continue to discuss that often times when God is about to do something great the counterfeit shows up to derail you from what God has in store for you.  They encourage us to stay awake, alert, and ready for God to get all in what God is doing.

    John Share his Latest Workout Regimen; Humor

John, Pat and Chris discuss John’s new workout regimen.  He shares in detail his motivation and inspiration for wanting to get into another shape than the shape he is in now.  They enjoy a good time as they discuss how this came to be and some of John’s other work out regimens.  Enjoy!

    NYC Stop and Frisk; Judge Rule Unconstitutional Violation of 4th Amendment Rights

John, Pat and Chris discuss how NYC’s stop and frisk policy was ruled by a U.S. District judge as unconstitutional.  NYC mayor Bloomberg was quoted by ABC as saying “the tactic, which allows cops to search anyone regardless of whether they believe a crime has been committed is “an important part of NYPD’s record of success.”  Just as the judge said no matter how effective a policy or program may be if it’s unconstitutional it’s no good.  However, the program was not effective.  The policy was being used for racial profiling where a disproportionate amount of Hispanic and Black men’s 4thamendment rights were violated.  They continue to discuss the original intent of the 4th amendments and why it is still important today. 



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