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Home » VFNRadio First Hour August 19, 2013

VFNRadio First Hour August 19, 2013


It’s not about Winning or Losing, It’s about how you play the game of Life

LISTEN NOW!  John, Pat and Chris discuss how it’s not about winning or losing but it’s about how you play the game of life.  They continue to discuss how many in sports focus on winning and losing but the truth is that you are not always going to win the game.  In the end it’s about how you played the game.  Many today are experiencing challenges and setbacks but they encourage us to stay steady and focus on playing the game right and the score will work itself out.  If you are on Jesus’ team you know at the end you are going to win if you don’t give up.  Follow the playbook, the Bible; remain faithful to the Lord and do what He tells you to do.  At the end it’s not about the harvest you reap but rather about the seeds you have sown.  If you sow in the right place you will reap the right harvest if you faint not.
See how a simple plastic bottle, water and a little Bleach is giving Light to the Poor around the World
John, Pat and Chris discuss how basic everyday items like water, a plastic soda bottle and bleach are being used to give people light in their homes.   Just by filling up a plastic soda bottle with water and bleach and exposing it to sun light, amazingly this combination produces light as strong as a 60 watt light bulb.  They continue to share how the plastic soda bottle is inserted in the roof with half of it exposed on top so the sun can shine directly on it and the other half is exposed below.  When the sun goes down amazingly the plastic soda bottle shines light affording poor people across the world light.  They share how this would be a great tool to use on missionary trips around the world. 
The Holy Spirit Knows Everything and You can Ask Him
John, Pat and Chris discuss a scenario that happens quite often to many people when they find themselves stuck and need an answer or solution to a problem.  No matter the size of the need or problem if you don’t know the answer or have the solution, it can provide a problem.  They continue to share how many have a default setting to try to figure something out on their own or through the internet all the while going to God as a last resort.   John shares how this became real to him when he stayed with Bill and Delores Winder as they shared about the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  Delores said you don’t have to know everything because the Holy Spirit is the one who knows all things.  All you have to do is ask him to reveal what you need to know.  The Holy Spirit reveals Jesus, His Word, and anything else we need to know when we fully rely on Him and trust his methods of delivery.

Excel in the Grace of Giving
John, Pat and Chris discuss the importance and power of excelling in the grace of giving.  Paul shares the testimony of the Macedonian church found in 2 Corinthians 8:2 where the Bible says “Out of the most severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity.”  They excelled in the grace of giving because they gave not just what they were able to give but beyond their ability.  Today according to George Barna and the Barna Group only 9 percent of all born again Christians give one tenth or more of their income.  God the Father led by example when He gave what was the most precious and valuable to Him; His one and only son.  They continue to encourage us to be faithful with our tithes but also to invest in the Kingdom of God.   Your giving to advance God’s Kingdom will not result in thanksgiving to God but will also result in financial blessings in your life because of the sowing and reaping principle in God’s Word.  When giving they challenge us to think about 4 things as we give 1) Think of all the Lord has done in your life 2) What God is presently doing in your life 3) How your faithful sacrificial giving towards the advancement of God’s Kingdom will result in praise and thanksgiving to God 4) The financial blessing from the Lord to you as you sow financially into the Kingdom of God.  In all your excelling; excel in the grace of giving. 


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