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VFNRadio Second Hour August 09, 2013


Medical Doctors Are Leaving?

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how medical doctors are leaving their practices in fact it is being reported that about 83% of doctors surveyed are quitting in response to the Affordable Health Care law that is being promoted by President Obama.   They continue to discuss how there is not enough doctors now to serve everyone therefore how will everyone’s medical needs be taken care of if 83% of the doctors leave the medical profession.  They share an account of someone they know who was just informed that their doctor was leaving his profession and how this was going to affect the person especially since his wife is terminally ill.    Healthcare for everyone sounds good but at the same time we can’t force our neighbors to buy our medical bills.  They continued to discuss the cost of medicine today and how that affects everyone who is dependent on medicine.  If the government takes over health care that is very large portion of the tax budget which appears to be headed toward the road of socialism.  Having a concept is one thing but reality and implementation is another thing, real life. They continue to discuss how the medical issues are on God’s heart.  The question is do we run to government or do we run to God?  Christian Missionaries for years have been providing medical care to people all over the world; we can begin to do that here as well.  This can be resolved with prayer for what is impossible with man is possible with God.  It’s not over until God says it’s over.
 Doing Business in The Right Way   
Greg, John, and Pat discuss how important it is to do business the right way.  It’s important for businesses to do what they say they will do especially when they receive payment.  They discuss some unjust situations in which some insurance companies in Florida were accepting payment for home insurance and after years of collecting the premiums they decided to leave the state.   It’s not right to accept payment and then find ways not to pay claims when it’s time to pay for the protection that is paid for.  The Lord sees everything and nothing escapes his eyes.  Business should not be conducted with unjust scales what is promised needs to be delivered.
                                                                                                           New Iranian President but nothing has changed; Iran still Accelerating Weapons Program
Greg, Pat, and John discuss Iran’s new President Hasan Rowhani, however nothing has changed.  Iran is still accelerating their uranium weapons program according to recent statements made by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  According to CBN Prime Minister Netanyahu said in the two months since Rowhani was elected, Iran has installed 7,000 new centrifuges. “The centrifuges will keep spinning.  This isn’t a secret,” he explained. He added that Iran’s new president boasts that is his strategy.  It is being reported Iran’s new president says: I talk and I smile, and I enrich uranium.”  The uranium is being enriched to produce nuclear bombs.  Iran is bent on the destruction of Israel.  They continue to discuss about Israel’s efforts of communicating this real and present threat as loud and often as they can.  We must stand with God and with Israel as faithful watchmen on the wall.



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