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You Can Pass God’s Open Book Test: We are All Going to Be Evaluated

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss how you can pass God’s open book test.  They continue to discuss how we will all be evaluated one day when we stand before God.  If you know what is expected of you, you just need to do it.  Greg shares how all deputies were evaluated when he served as a police officer.  The evaluation had a specific numeric value for expected duty.  This is how God is with us with the exception of the numeric value.  He has clear expectations of what we are to do and not to do in His word.  They share Pastor Howard Pittman’s testimony when he actually died and was taken to heaven and he thought he was going to evaluate God.  God in His mercy displayed his kindness and sternness to Howard and was able to help him get proper perspective.  Howard was given his life back and he used it to glorify God and tell the world about the placebo gospel.  God has a plan for you and you can pass the open book test God is giving you.  Abide with God and hide His word in your heart and you will pass your evaluation.



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