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Fatherhood Under Siege

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss a recent video where a young 7 year old boy was on a program with a drill instructor that was trying to motivate the young boy to do right and was yelling in a loud voice.  The drill sergeant asks the boy “Do you want me to be your daddy?”  The audience was anticipating the boy would say no but the young boy thought for a second and said “yes” to the surprise of the audience and the drill sergeant.  The drill sergeant asked him “Why do you want me to be your daddy?”, and the boy replied because “I have no daddy.”  Fatherhood is under siege and the children are paying for it.  An estimated 24.7 million children live absent from their biological father.  It is said that two years after divorce 51% of children in sole mother custody homes only see their father once or twice a year, or never.  It is also said that 42 % of the fathers fail to see their children at all after divorce.  Satan is doing everything to take the father out of the lives of his children.  If we are going to honor fatherhood once again in this country then we are going to have first honor Father God.  We can’t get things right horizontally until we first get things right vertically.  Father God must be honored if we are going to see true and lasting change in fatherlessness in America. 

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