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Glory Story: Children Prophetically Singing


LISTEN NOW!Greg, Pat and Steve share about how God has revealed Himself while going out amongst the people and declaring His light and truth. While walking through neighborhoods, Barbara and Steve noticed a large family sitting on their front porch. As they walked past this particular home, everyone in the family turned around to watch them as they walked. They waved and Barbara and Steve waved back. They began to walk towards the house. As they did so, they entire family got off the porch and met them in their front lawn. There were two older women and seven children. When asked what they were doing, Barbara and Steve shared that they were praying for people in the neighborhood.  Immediately, one of the older children asked if she could pray for Barbara and Steve. Everyone held hands in a circle and the young girl began to pray. After praying the children began singing, singing the same lyrics to Barbara and Steve, “God is raising up an army. He is going to break every chain. Break every chain.” WHAT IS THIS? IT WAS GOD!!


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