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Gog and Magog (i.e. RUSSIA!) Is Gathering Up the Nations?

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat share a Biblical perspective to current events revolving around Syria, the United States, and Russia.  They discuss what is happening as to why the United States really wants to strike Syria.  Are they trying to wipe away any evidence that would prove allegations correctly that the United States was reportedly arming the rebels with arms through Libya.  What we are seeing today is not a mystery as to what nations are involved and what are their intentions as Gog and Magog the Bible speaks of in Ezekiel to be modern day Russia.  Not too long ago we saw the President of the United States speak quite forcefully that there would be a strike on Syria because of President Bashar Assad’s use of chemical weapons on his own people.  Now we see Russia come in and begin proposing opportunities for our President not to take action.  Russia is working on gathering nations to herself.  Things have just shifted into overdrive.  Don’t think for a moment that anyone is pulling anything over on God.  The President of Russia has just commanded the Commander and Chief of the United States to back down.  Vladimir Putin just recently wrote an Open ended letter to the United States Citizens in the New York Times rebuking our President for the thought of striking Syria.  In this letter Putin says that if America strikes that would only be cause for more terrorist attacks.   Greg also shares how he had a dream some time back where a General in the military wasn’t even being listened to and the citizens took over.  This day has come.  Just yesterday General Petraeus while walking in Manhattan was followed by an angry mob yelling at him and calling him a murderer amongst other names.  At a time when very few citizens actually support a strike on Syria, Russia comes in to save the day and gives America a way out while at the same time gathering nations to itself.  Things are changing but have hope, God is in control and nothing that is happening escapes his eyes.

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