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Grateful to Live in a Blessed Land?


LISTEN NOW! John, Pat, and Chris discuss how grateful they are to live in the United States.  John shares about meeting a woman who just left Cuba after living most of her adult life in that country.  They continue to discuss what she felt like when she came to America when she saw the abundance of prosperity.  She describes how she marveled at the cleanliness of the public restrooms as she traveled through the United States.  She continues to shares how in Cuba they didn’t have any cleaning supplies and how they had to invent ways and combine salt with certain leaves to clean their bathrooms.  They continue to discuss how the woman felt when she landed in America.  She was so excited and happy to arrive in this great country.  When she arrived at the parking lot, she froze in shock when she saw the abundance of cars parked in the parking lot.  In Cuba they are still driving cars from the 1950’s.  They share how blessed we are to be living in this nation and the importance of pausing to recognize not everyone around the world lives in such great blessings and our need to honor God, the one from whom all blessings flow. 

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