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If It Doesn’t make sense at the Time Just Hold on It will in the End


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LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Chris discuss how if it doesn’t make sense at the time just hold on it will in the end.  They encourage us that God has a plan for your life and his plan for your life is always better than the plan you have for your life.  He loves you.  God knows everything.   Although we know what has happened in the past and what is happening in our present God not only knows the past, our present but He also knows our future.  We need to let the Holy Spirit guide and direct us.  They continue to discuss a very dark moment in David’s life found in 1 Samuel 19 and 20 were David was being hunted to be killed by King Saul.  They continue to discuss how David might have felt as he went through this very dark time.  The Bible does not mention any sin in David’s life or any action on his part to come against the King that could merit such an attack.  The only reasonable explanation was that God allowed it; it was Father filtered.  When we face trials of this kind where we experience great pain and discomfort we can either become self-centered or we can become God centered and focus our attention on the Lord, humble ourselves before him and allow Him to see us through.  What David found out was that He was in “Kings Training”.  God was using King Saul to train David so that the inner Saul in David could be removed.  Often times it’s at the end of a season of our life that we can look back and see that the difficult time we went through served a greater purpose.  Although it was very unpleasant at the time and it didn’t make sense we just needed to hold on until the end to see what God was doing in our life.  He is preparing us for a next season.  No thing, no trial is ever wasted in God.  He will use it to bring us to the place He wants us to be so we can be prepared for His use and our future destiny in Him.

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