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Moriah Peters; Singing Contestant Proves You Can Have Standards


screen capture from youtube.com/I am Second

LISTEN NOW! John, Pat, and Christ discuss Moriah Peters, I Am Second testimony.  She shares how she first recognized she had a gift was when she sang in church.   She later has the chance to try out for a singing competition show and they told her that she was trying to be too perfect since she led a Bible Study class for girls and her commitment not to kiss a boy until she got married.  She was rejected by the judges and thought it was over.  They told her she needed to kiss a boy so she can have some experience.  By the time she left the audition God set her up with a contract and label to be a Christian artist.  Shortly after she got married and kissed her husband for the first time.  They continue to discuss how great it was for Moriah to set her standards before the Lord and how God had better plans for her life.  They encourage us that no matter where our place of influence is we should always be true to ourselves and the Lord.  God has a plan we just need to remain faithful to Him.


Moriah Peters

Moriah Peters – Well Done


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