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Never Say You Can’t; Ask Richie Parker

screen capture from youtube.com/digitalvideosforyou

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how you should never give up as they discuss a video of the extraordinary life of Richie Parker.  Richie was born with a rare birth defect that resulted in him being born without arms.  They continue to discuss how many people today will line up to tell you why they can’t do something.  All of their struggles, all their disadvantages and the things in their life they feel make it impossible for them to achieve and be successful in life.  Well Richie Parker is not one of those people.  When people told him “can’t”, he said I can try and eventually did.  Richie grew up riding a bike with no arms. He drives himself to work every day where he is a mechanical engineer and controls the computer with his feet.  Richie is a true inspiration of refusing to allow your circumstances dictate to you what you can do instead he dictated to his circumstances and to the world that he indeed can do, achieve and be successful. 

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