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President Obama in Russia for G20 Summit as War Looms

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LISTEN NOW! John, Pat, and Chris discuss the recent happening in the Middle East involving Syria and whether the United States will strike Syria for President Asaad’s alleged use of chemical weapons on his own people.  All this is being discussed as President Obama arrives in Russia for the G20 Summit.  CBN reports a statement President Obama made in Sweden earlier this week when he said “I didn’t set a red line. The world set a red line.”  When in fact President Obama himself clearly said his red line would be the use of chemical weapons by Syrian President Asaad.  Many around the world today feel that President Obama’s indecisiveness in regarding Syria makes America look weak.  The reality is that the President supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and is doing so in Syria as well.  All of this is happening just 6 days from September 11 and just one year ago from the Benghazi terrorist attack.  They encourage us to pray for Israel as she sits like a sitting duck in Israel.  Peace and safety to Israel.

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