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Prophecy: Are you about to be drafted for a war?


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss current happenings and the Biblical implications of possible world war if the United States were to strike Syria.  Greg shared how the Lord showed him Secretary of State John Kerry the night before the Secretary gave a live speech. Secretary Kerry gave what some have reported the

Secretary of State John Kerry dining with Assad

speech of his life laying out recent revelations of how President Asaad released chemical weapons on his own people resulting in many deaths.  His speech was delivered in such a way it appeared all but certain the United States would soon strike Syria only to be humiliated the next day when the President decided to seek Congressional support for this strike.  This was the right course of action and should be celebrated by Americans who support the Constitution.    They encourage us to pray for our members of congress as they make

Secretary of State John Kerry

this decision.  They continue to share how people have the tendency to act like things have always been that way when things happen.  What happened during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration is a perfect example of this.  This present administration appears to be walking out those same principles.  President Woodrow Wilson was one who said no to war and yet found himself in the middle of WWI. President Franklin D. Roosevelt said that he was against war but found himself instituting a compulsory Selective Service draft in September of 1940.  This was the same man who said under his administration we will never go to war and then he institutes a draft. They continue to discuss how many have been reporting that the Arab League supports the United States in taking action against Syria.  When the truth is that the United States should if anything support the Arab League.  They continue to discuss that the Arab League which constitutes of 22 countries and completely morphs and surrounds Israel completely.  The comparison made on VFNRadio was that in terms of mere size using a football field as a comparison. The whole field would be the Arab League and Israel would be only an inch of that field.  They continued to discuss that this is really not about Syria but in fact about Israel.  The Arab League is s a significant body of countries that should take action however all of the sudden the United States is supported by the Arab League for something they should have taken on, so we are in essence supporting them in their goals.  They encourage us and remind us that this can be prevented but the answer is not political.  The true answer can only be found in God.  When President Woodrow Wilson wanted to convince the American people of his actions he engaged them on a speaking tour.  There are people now working behind the scenes.  Greg continues to share how the effects of war are drastic even to the restructuring of nations.  We need to stand with Israel.  Those who stand with Israel will be blessed those who come against Israel will be cursed.   It’s not too late we can turn to God and believe Him for a third great awakening.



Arab League in Size Compared to Israel


Comparison of Arab League in size compared to Israel




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