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Sheep, Pigs and Mud?


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss how men still want to rule the world.  They continue to share that what they have they want it to be from God.  God doesn’t mind us having things He minds things having us.  They continue to share that just because you say you belong to God and you are a Christians doesn’t mean you are one. They share an analogy using a sheep, pig and mud.   The difference between the pigs and sheep is that the pigs love the mud which is sin, and the sheep try to avoid it and are not comfortable in it.  The person who does not know God is like the pig that enjoys the mud of sin because it satisfies the flesh.  The sheep/Christian that walks with God tries to live a life that avoids mud and when they occasionally sin and fall into the mud they come under the conviction of God and repent and God makes them clean again.  The difference is one loves it and feels comfortable in sin and the other does not.  If you say you are a Christian and are walking in habitual sin with no regard to Jesus, His Word, and His way Jesus is not walking with you.  You need to repent get clean from the mud/sin in your life and give your heart to Jesus.  

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