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There Is HOPE – Is Jehu saying ‘Heads are going to roll’ and new leadership is coming?

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss how there is hope as the spirit of Jehu restructures and restores authority to proper alignment.  They continue discuss some of Israel’s history in the time where King Ahab reigned.  They shared the good news that entire nations can be set free from captivity.  During the time of King Ahab’s reign the entire nation was in captivity and Ahab had a very long list of evil and wrong things he had done during his reign one of which was marrying his wife Jezebel.   He shared God ordained power and authority with his wife who was strategically there to seduce his power since she had none of her own.  They continue to share accounts of how Queen Jezebel and Ahab acted under the spirit that carries their name and who are not gender specific.  Jezebel used seduction and every form of manipulation to seduce power from Ahab to get her way.  All the while Ahab was glad to be seduced because she was present to do his dirty work; meanwhile God’s people suffered as a result.  She instituted her false religion, the worshiping of Asherah poles and Baal.  Everything they did was the complete opposite of God’s expectation.  Jezebel only controls you with what she gives you and there can be no Jezebel without an Ahab.  Ahab allowed his authority to be seduced.  God anointed a prophet, Jehu, to deal with this situation and to bring a restricting that would bring proper alignment back to the people of God and under Godly leadership.  God began to use this man to bring order and to deal with the heads those who had their authority seduced.  He then makes his way to deal with Jezebel and the Word of God tells us that Jezebel was putting on makeup and whatever she could use to try to seduce him.  Many today will turn to what tool or bag of trick they have to seduce those in authority to get their authority.  Jehu saw her and commanded the Eunuchs that were close to her to throw her down and they did.  She fell at his feet and was trampled by horses and dogs fed on her deceased body.  This is the end of those who refuse to repent from the spirit of Jezebel they too will end up on a bed of suffering.  There is hope in God he is raising people up who walk in the light and will bring things back in order under proper alignment under God.  There Is HOPE – Is Jehu saying ‘Heads are going to roll’ and new leadership over God’s people is coming?

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