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VFNRadio First Hour September 11, 2013



    The  Importance of Hearing God Correctly
Greg, John and Pat discuss the importance of hearing God correctly.  They discuss the possibilities of what could have happened if Moses didn’t hear God correctly and only came down with 8 commandments instead of 10.   They are all so very important. For instance the second commandment is about not having any other god’s before God.  We can look back and see how many people have made gods out of money, marriage, and even themselves.  People have made themselves into “gods” worshiping themselves and causing others to worship them too. It’s not just important to hear God correctly but to do what He wants us to do. 
What will you do during your Flight 93
 Greg, John and Pat discuss how they admired the men who stood up on flight 93 and did something when they found out that the plane was hijacked by terrorist.  They began to call their loved ones and found out in more detail that terrorists have just taken down the World Trade Center Towers when they crashed airplanes into them.  They continue to share how Greg saw in a vision how America was going down like a plane and President Bush at the time was doing his best to steady the plane, America and hold on to the steering wheel as to not allow the country to crash.  We must not forget that One Nation under God was God’s idea.  As these men got off the phone they knew that what they had to do.  They needed to do whatever they could do not to allow these hijackers to take the plane down.  They looked at each other and one of them said “Let’s Roll”.  We all have a role to play.  God is involving us in the whole process of life.  He is just waiting for someone to say here I am, send me.  America as she presently stands is in a flight 93 moment; who will stand up and say, here am I Lord, send me?  I want to be one who helps to steady America and bring her up back to you.
What God Expects of Us: Humility


Greg, John and Pat discuss how God expects us to walk in humility.  God is the one who holds all things together.  It is so important that we follow Him and do what He says in our heart and with faith.  We can only do this when we die to ourselves.  Walking in humility is all about denying ourselves and following Jesus in every way.  It is important to realize that it’s not about you it’s about God.  They continue to discuss a quote from Ezra T. Benson, “Pride is Concerned with WHO is right-Humility is concerned with WHAT is right.  We need to be more concerned with what is right than who is right.  “Who” is all about pride, making the issue about the person rather than what is the right thing to do.  Our only response should be what is the right thing?  What does God want me to do and then do it?  Could it be that America is being resisted by God because of her pride?  It’s time to repent and turn back to God.
Remembering 9-11
Greg, John and Pat discuss the horrific attack on our nation on September 11, 2001 when terrorists hijacked commercial airplanes and rammed them into the World Trade Center Towers causing the planes to crash down killing 2996 people and causing thousands to be injured.  They continue to discuss how just 12 months ago today on September 11 we had an attack on our embassy in Benghazi Libya resulting in the deaths of our Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three marines.  What led up to this?  The enemy for a long time has tried to take our country down.  In recent times and related to the World Trade Center there was an earlier attack by Muslim extremists on the World Trade Center during President Clinton’s administration.  Just a little over a year ago the present administration with the help of former Secretary Hilary Clinton have allegedly been involved in taking down dictators and rulers in the Middle East.  This was apparent when then Secretary of State, when speaking of Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi when she said not realizing she was being recorded “We came, We saw, He died.”  They continued to discuss that right after the attacks on 9-11-2001 America for a brief moment was humbled and many began looking to God however that lasted for a very short time and not only has America gone back but it went back seven times further than where it was at the time of the attack.  Now America finds herself at the center of the Syrian conflict all the while America’s secrets are being shared with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Much of what is happening in Syria today involves oil.  Many would say that life is in the oil but all Christians know that life is only found in the blood of Christ.  On this anniversary of 9/11 we mustn’t forget how we got here and how we can find our way out.  Amongst the rubble, debris, and crushed steel one of workers found a twenty foot cross in a pit of rubble. This cross which was sovereignly melted together and was a sign for us all to know for America and for us as individuals that our only hope out of the tragic place we find ourselves is in Jesus.  What Jesus did on the cross over 2,000 years ago has given us all as individuals hope because we have been redeemed, all we must do is turn away from sin, and turn our hearts back to God and accept his Son Jesus into our hearts.  America can make it but only if she turns back to God.


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