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VFNRadio First Hour September 20, 2013


        Seeking Justice for Roy Middleton (Part 1 of 2)


LISTEN NOW!Greg, John, and Pat discuss the recent shooting of Roy Middleton in Escambia County, Florida by Escambia County Sheriff deputies in the dark early hours in the month of July.  Mr. Middleton was shot by Escambia Law Enforcement officers while he was in his own home, in his own car port, getting into in his own family car.  The officers fired 15 shots at Roy Middleton who allegedly did not respond to the police officers commands.  Mr. Middleton was shot in his own house as he describes “It was like a firing squad”.  They continue to discuss how it is challenging to respond to anyone in the midst of tragedy especially when you have been shot in the leg as Roy Middleton was.  Roy’s car was riddled with bullets and he, although fortunately is alive, was shot in the leg which resulted in a shattered femur.  Greg shares about when HE WAS SHOT AT TWICE, hit once and how Gary Watson, with Exit Reality rushed him to the hospital and Deputy Doug Heist risked his life to arrest the shooter.  He also speaks of the bank robbery that cost Deputy Heist his life for the citizens of Escambia County.  Greg shares an account from his former days as an Escambia County Deputy, where he successfully apprehended a criminal and out of nowhere he was shot upon in the dark of night.  He continues to explain how in the dark he couldn’t see who was shooting all he could see was the muzzle of the gun after the shots were fired.  It is important from a Christian perspective to respond to what happened to Roy Middleton in view of what the Bible instructs us in Psalm 41:1 “Blessed are those who have regard for the weak; for the Lord delivers them in times of trouble.”  This is a major injustice as well as appalling that a man who was on his own property, in his own car port, getting something out of his own car, to be fired upon by police officers who parked their police cars down the street.  It begs to question as to what spirit is in the air that would cause anyone not to respond in a way that is void of empathy, acknowledgement or an apology for what was done to Roy Middleton.  There is a huge vacuum of silence at the moment from the church and this should not be.  It’s time to begin asking God how we should respond to this tragedy in our community.  Our hearts go out to Roy Middleton as his request is for us to continue to pray for his healing and for his and his family safety.   It is important to note that just like we have some doctors, teachers, and pastors that don’t necessarily need to be in their profession the same rings true for some police officers.  There are some in law enforcement that need to find another profession.   Those that work in public office must remember that they work for the citizens.  Greg is quick to point out that there are many good police officers today just like there were good officers when he was a deputy.  He continues to share how police officers like Doug Heist and Don Cook lost their lives in service to the citizens in Escambia County.  These were fine officers that served the citizens of Escambia County and lost their lives in the line of duty.  We don’t just honor them but all the law enforcement officers in Escambia County that have given their lives in the line of duty.  We mustn’t forget that God is just and what happened to Roy Middleton should be acknowledged for the tragedy it was and to seek healing.  All law enforcement work for the citizens and it’s the citizens that allow them to serve.  The safety, protection and honor of all citizens since they are all made in the image and likeness of God should be highly regarded no matter who they are.  Dear God forgive us of our sins and we ask for Your church to rise up to bring healing to our communities and the nation. 


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