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VFNRadio Second Hour September 06,2013



Seeking Biblical Perspective to the Crisis in Syria
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the importance of seeking Biblical perspective to the crisis in Syria.  They discuss how God is a God of Justice.  Money should never be a motive for saying no to helping someone who is experiencing injustice.   They discuss how Hitler gassed innocent Jews for being Jewish!  It was evil and we have suffered much because we as a nation stayed silent and turned boats away full of Jews that were all killed later. If we stand by and allow someone to gas their citizens don’t think God, who is just, will not balance the scales and gas our soldiers in a war or our families and children.  The question is who says the United States of America is the only nation that needs to act and take action in Syria.  The truth is that the Arab League which is comprised of 22 Arab nations should be taking the lead as opposed to supporting the United States to take action when Syria is one of their rogue nations.  They continue to share how the United States is not targeting President Assad but could actually hurt and kill the Syrian people.  President Assad alone should be the one who pays the price.   Finally, we need to turn to Israel for wisdom in this matter for there is no one on earth that understands this as well as they do and most likely are empathetic for the victims who were gassed by their own nation while the world does nothing.   Not to mention that they are the only democracy whose safety hangs in the balance. So if we should follow anyone’s advice and wisdom it should be Israel and if not publically stated it should be privately sought so they don’t become more of a target than they are now.  They continue to share the importance of this context.  If God’s Word, the Bible, can be taken out of context imagine what men’s words can do.  We must always consider context of what’s going on and the fruit of those involved.  We’re talking about potentially sending our sons, daughters, fathers and mothers to war.  You don’t have to look too far to see the devastation our soldiers have faced in recent times because of the wars and military deployment with the loss of arms, legs and their lives.  They shared that they are not saying no about dealing with this horrific tragedy, they are just saying CONSIDER CONTEXT in deciding how to respond. There has never been a leader in America that has so rapidly led us down a road away from God, and into the arms of Islam and those who speak openly about our destruction like the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Koran speaks evil of Christians and Jews whereas Muslims consider them the infidels.  The only option for Christians and Jews according to the Koran is either to convert, go into servitude, or death. In President Obama’s first international speech at Cairo University he paved a way for radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood  to take over Egypt only to have Egypt cry out against the USA for assisting “terrorists” to be their President and eventually they had him removed.  The President of the United States said this during his speech at Cairo University, “And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.” Also at the United Nations President Obama said ‘The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.’
As Americans we chose a President to lead us, whose platform was to remove Jerusalem as the capital of Israel – booed God and forced GOD and JERUSALEM back in but America voted no. With all this in mind with Syria surrounded by 22 Arab Muslim Islamic nations who are unified, one of which Syria, – IT WOULD BE NATURAL FOR US to put our efforts behind supporting and encouraging them, the Arab League, to deal with Assad.  Dealing with Asaad means not hurting the Syrian people.   If someone deserves death and loss it’s not the victims of the one who is bringing that death, Asaad.  We must pray protection for Israel and support Israel.  We must also pray for the reported 100,000 victims of this civil war in Syria including those who it has been reported have been gassed.  Finally to compare what and how the Jews were gassed by Hitler to what is happening in Syria couldn’t be further from the truth.  There are some obvious things to consider namely:
– Israel was not at war with Germany,
– They were upstanding citizens
– They worked, lived and played
-They owned businesses and employed Germans
– They were a blessing and were blessed
This is completely different.  The Jews were hated by Hitler and Satan.  There was a progression to this atrocity.  They were identified, led into the ghettos, and finally led to board the trains that would take them to their deaths.   Even today Christians are being persecuted in Egypt and America remains silent.  It is being reported that if America bombs Syria, Christians in the region will be attacked.  They continue to discuss what could have sealed America’s fate was Secretary John Kerry’s statement as protesters with red stain on their hands meant to look like blood, lifted their hands behind him “America is the only irreplaceable nation in the world.”  This cannot be any further from the truth.   The minute America bombs Syria we will see a shift downward for Christians and the Jews in how the world will relate to them.
Never Say You Can’t; Ask Richie Parker
Greg, John, and Pat discuss how you should never give up as they discuss a video of the extraordinary life of Richie Parker.  Richie was born with a rare birth defect that resulted in him being born without arms.  They continue to discuss how many people today will line up to tell you why they can’t do something.  All of their struggles, all their disadvantages and the things in their life they feel make it impossible for them to achieve and be successful in life.  Well Richie Parker is not one of those people.  When people told him “can’t”, he said I can try and eventually did.  Richie grew up riding a bike with no arms. He drives himself to work every day where he is a mechanical engineer and controls the computer with his feet.  Richie is a true inspiration of refusing to allow your circumstances dictate to you what you can do instead he dictated to his circumstances and to the world that he indeed can do, achieve and be successful.
G20 Summit America Comes in Last?

Greg, John, and Pat discuss the recent G20 Summit that is taking place in Russia.  They discuss the prophetic word given by Michael Boldea.  The prophetic word was about China, Russia, and North Korea stating why America’s dollar should be the world’s dominant dollar and are coming together to take it down.  Now most recently at the G20 “economic” summit, we see all the world’s leaders walking in procession with President Obama walking last.  There was a time not long ago that America and her Presidents were respected all over the world.  Times have changed.  Dear God, end abortion send revival! 

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