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VFNRadio Second Hour September 19,2013

       Is Israel Really Headed to War?
LISTEN NOW! John, Greg, and Pat discuss whether Israel is really headed to war.  They discuss a recent article written by Joel Rosenberg: “Signs Pointing to Israel- Iran War” published in Charisma News.  Israel’s Prime Minister is scheduled to meet with President Obama in the White House September 30, 2013 then he will speak at the United Nations.  It was almost a year ago this time that the President snubbed the Prime Minister and said he did not have time to meet with him.  This is also around the same time that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew a red line for stopping Iran’s nuclear weapons for the world to see at the United Nations.    According to Charisma News “ Netanyahu expressed mission: to persuade the U.S. and the Western powers to intensify- not ease up on- pressure on Iran to give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons and the fuel to build them.”  They continue to discuss how on two separate occasions Israel was ready to strike Iran but backed off.  One of those times they were pushed back by President Obama.  Israel has become increasingly aware that the United States and its current administration is not going to do what they say as what one can clearly see is happening in Syria today.  Israel is alone.  It is time for those who love God and Israel to stand for Israel in prayer for it appears that that the time is soon approaching where they will have to strike Iran and remove their ability to manufacture and produce nuclear weapons.  Can you be counted on to stand with Israel?
    Kirk Cameron “Unstoppable”
Greg, John, and Pat discuss Kirk Cameron’s new movie “Unstoppable”.   In this movie Kirk takes us on a journey to find answers to questions like why does God allow bad things to happen to good people.  If God is good and hates evil why doesn’t He stop it?  CBN reports that “Cameron said “Unstoppable” takes him on the most personal journey of his life where he has to examine his own faith, and he does it by going all the way back to the origins of good and evil.”  “Unstoppable” opens in theatres September 24, Kirk says he wants to settle once and for all that good is stronger than evil and faith is stronger than doubt. 
True Messengers: Rick Joyner


John, Greg, and Pat discuss a recent word shared by Rick Joyner regarding true messengers.  Today many in the body of Christ are interested in singing in the choir and don’t want to step out and sing the tune God has called them to sing.  Rick writes “When we have more faith in people than in God, we tend to get our security or confidence by how many people share our views. Jesus had a different perspective, saying in Luke 6:26:“Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for their fathers used to treat the false prophets in the same way.”  God is looking for those who are called to the ministry not to be politicians seeking approval from men but instead be His preachers and trumpets of truth.  Our strength and security should not come from the praises of men but rather from God.  Rick shares how Zadok, the priest, was able to discern that there was an anointing on David’s life and he had discernment to follow the God’s anointed leader.   He goes on to share “Centuries later, one of the greatest commendations of all time was given by the Lord to Zadok through Ezekiel the prophet. The Lord said that it would be the “sons of Zadok” who would be allowed to come near to Him to minister to Him personally (see Ezekiel 44:15-16). So who are the sons of Zadok today?”  God is looking for the sons of Zadok today.  Those who follow the Lord even if they are all alone and even if it cost them everything, including their lives.  

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