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VFNRadio Second Hour September 20, 2013


      Seeking Justice for Roy Middleton (Part 2 of 2) Interview with Pensacola Police Department Captain David Alexander


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat begin a conversation regarding the Roy Middleton incident where an innocent man was shot by two Escambia County Sheriff Deputies resulting in his car being riddled with bullets and the shattering of Mr. Middleton’s femur.  Greg interviews Captain David Alexander of the Pensacola Police Department to share his own personal views and perspective of what is happening in Escambia County as they begin a conversation to acknowledge realities with a goal of bringing healing to the county.   Captain David Alexander who is also an assistant Pastor at Jesus Holy Tabernacle Church shares his personal views and not the views of the Pensacola Police Department.  He continues to share that there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed.  He shares that it is very rare for an officer to shoot at a suspect so many times when most officers in their career my never even have to fire their weapon.   Captain Alexander continues to share that it is his opinion that whenever there are problems in your community those problems will be reflected in public life.  The real problem is the lack of trust.  He shares that this just doesn’t make sense relating to what happened to Mr. Middleton and the first response from others was to defend the actions of those involved.  Greg shares how Captain Alexander is not merely offering rhetoric but as one who has faithfully partnered with the community not only as a law enforcement officer but also as a minister as well as his participation in the Pensacola Father and Son Camping trip.    We have to begin to demand honesty from those who serve the public.   Mr. Middleton shares that he felt like he was in front of a firing squad.  This begs to questions as to why there has not been a public acknowledgement, any empathy or an apology for Mr. Middleton.  Sheriff David Morgan said that Mr. Middleton was both a suspect and a victim.  They continue to discuss how Christians should respond to this injustice as every single person is important to God.   The reason given as to why Mr. Middleton was shot was he failed to comply. What essentially is being said is shoot until the person complies.  Captain Alexander continues to underscore the importance of having a good relationship between law enforcement and the community.  It’s important not just to talk but to have real compassion.  Mr. Middleton is a human being and is made in the image and likeness of God.  When Mr. Middleton was asked what do you want?  This was his response, “I cannot say what I want because I am still asking why?” God is just.  May the Lord Grace us to begin a conversation that acknowledges injustice and one that fosters healing in Escambia County and in the entire nation.


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