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Home » Does it hurt bad enough Yet?

Does it hurt bad enough Yet?

by Cosijn

LISTEN NOW! Greg shares a story regarding two men and a dog named Cecil.  As the story goes the two men are talking outside when they hear a dog howling.  They continue to talk, but as they do, the howling persist and gets louder.  Finally one of the men asked the other, “what is that?”.  The man he was talking to says, “Oh, that’s just Cecil”.  The other asks “What’s wrong with him?”  His friend says, “He is sitting on the nail”. “Well, why doesn’t get up?” said the other man.   The owner of the dog looks at the man and says “It just doesn’t hurt bad enough yet.”  Many today are complaining about all the problems all around them while God is just shaking his head.  The reason they don’t move and do something is because it doesn’t hurt bad enough yet.  It’s time to stop complaining about the problems, God and America are waiting for you to get and do something.

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