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Home » Get off the Shore and Rescue those who are Going Down

Get off the Shore and Rescue those who are Going Down

by R. Gino Santa Maria

LISTEN NOW! John shares about how one day he was out with his family at the beach when a woman ran past him screaming help, help.  John shares how he got up to see what the commotion was all about.  The woman pointed into the water and said they are drowning.  He instinctively ran into the water and began to swim out toward those who were drowning.  He realized that after a while he had not gotten to them and he was already tired from swimming.  He was able to help the two young adults safely back to shore.    He continues to share how when he reflected on the whole situation he remembered how most people were on the shore yelling and pointing but only he and a couple of others went out to help.  John and Pat encourages us take the same approach with all those who are drowning everyday around us and are going to hell because they don’t know Jesus as the Lord and Savior.  They encourage us to get off the shore and be willing to throw those who are drowning a life jacket or tube that they may come to know Jesus.  The only thing we can take with us when we pass away is our souls.  Let’s not be those who just look at those drowning every day in sin and say nothing but let us be those who race out to help. 

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