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Home » Government Shutdown Day 16: We are at the Cross Roads what will it be? Who Will You Serve?

Government Shutdown Day 16: We are at the Cross Roads what will it be? Who Will You Serve?

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, Pat discuss how today marks the 16th day of the government shut down and how America today is at a crossroads.  What will it be? Who will you serve? This is the day because if the members of Congress don’t work out a deal the government will default on its bills tomorrow.  This is the day we choose God’s form of government or man’s form of government.  We have been seeing Alinksy tactics taking place in Washington D.C. It’s time for the people to wake up.  God is showing us an economic collapse is on the horizon unless the church repents.  They continued to discuss and share Breaking News from Fox News that Senator Reid and McConnell had finalized a deal in the Senate which now heads over to the House to see if they will sign up before the government defaults or come up with another proposal or amendment. They also played a cartoon that gives a simple explanation on how a bill works through congress to become a law.  They also played another cartoon video that was created in 1948 by Harding College to help Americans of that day to know the difference of Communism, Marxism, Socialism and Capitalism.  Today that has been forgotten as well and we need to regain this knowledge so that we don’t fall prey to big government that denies God like communism and Marxism has and many socialists have as they start depending on government rather than God.  Although Christians can exist under any government it is under Capitalism that more has been done for the Gospel, for the poor and for mankind.   They continued to discuss how the cartoon made reference that by participating in any of these “isms” a utopia could be found but of course it never ends up that way.  The only true place utopia can be found is in Heaven.  Jesus is building a place for you where there is no more weeping and pain a place of true peace, joy, and satisfaction.

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