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Home » It’s all about THE People and NOT your Party

It’s all about THE People and NOT your Party


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how it’s not about political parties but about the people everyone in congress was voted to represent.  When the President says that he wants to bypass the Congress He is saying he wants to bypass you, the people.  Each elected Congressman in the House of Representative represents 674,000 people in their state.  It is the most direct representation citizens have in Congress.  Today we have more people on the wagon then pulling the wagon at a time when the United States borrows around .40 cents for every dollar it spends.   They further discuss comments made by pastor, author, and entrepreneur T.D.Jakes when he said   that we have become a nation of consumers and not producers.  When you don’t produce anything all you can do is be proud of what you consumed. If things are going to change in America’s economy again we need to teach people how to produce again.   God created us to be fruitful.

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