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Home » Stolen, Burnt, Choked or Fruitful! Which one are You?

Stolen, Burnt, Choked or Fruitful! Which one are You?



LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, Pat discuss how we can end up stolen, burnt, choked or fruitful.  They discuss the parable of the sower in Mark 4:1-20 describing how the word of God is sown in the soil “hearts” of men and what happens.  The word that is sown on the good soil is the one that produces thirty, sixty, and some a hundred times what was sown.  The question is what is being sown in your garden.  God has called us to bear fruit in our life that glorifies and brings honor to him.  The word of God tells us in John 15 that everything in the kingdom gets the knife.  If we don’t bear fruit we will eventually be cut off but also in order for us to bear more fruit in our lives we get pruned.  Either way it is better to have a fruitful life for the Lord then to be stolen, burnt, or choked.

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