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Home » VFN Radio First Hour October 23, 2013

VFN Radio First Hour October 23, 2013


    From Rescue to Rescue
LISTEN NOW Greg shares how today is his dog, Max, 7th birthday.  He recounts a time in his life that the concept of having a dog was first introduced. It was a time in his life where God was “rebooting” his life and taking him through a journey that many who follow God either have been through or will go through.   He remembers being in Rome, Georgia on the property of Berry College taking some time out to allow God to do what he wanted to do in his life.  He remembers walking up a mountain and with each step he took he called out to God for him to rescue him.  When he finally reached the top of the mountain that overlooked the college he happened to see two dogs that apparently made the same journey.  Later that night he dreamed about a dog.  Once he arrived home he was informed of a German shepherd that was a “rescue”.  The dog was originally given to man who was going through chemo therapy but the dog would eventually be rescued.  Greg went out to meet the dog, they bonded and the rest is history.  From one rescue to another rescue they remain together.    Both needed to be rescued and both have been brought together.  He continues to encourage anyone who needs rescuing to cry out to God. 
     Duck Dynasty Beardless Brother
 Greg, John, and Pat discuss the brother who has come to be known as the “beardless brother Allan Robertson on the reality TV hit “Duck Dynasty”.    Allan is a pastor and has come on the show and has realized there is a larger congregation outside of the church building.  In this CBN interview Allan shares his perspective of what it was like growing up in the Robertson home before his father came to know the Lord.  Allan reiterates his family’s desire is for people to follow Jesus and not them.   Allan shares his new Duck Commanderdevotional that is being used to minister to people all around the world as he calls people to come back home to Jesus.
    Reaching a Nation without Arms or Legs
John, Greg, and Pat discuss Evangelist Nick Vujicic’s ministry trip to the country of Paraguay, South America where he ministered to congress during a parliament session.  Nick, according to the “Christian Post” urged members of Paraguay’s congress to kneel for prayer during a session.  It was a beautiful site to see members of congress seeking God and joining in prayer asking God to heal and bless their nation.  They continue to discuss that the hope for any nation can only be found in turning to God.  Turn in repentance first and then prayer.
    Jerusalem Temple Mount- Strategy of Blame

Greg, John, and Pat discuss the temple mount in Jerusalem and the strategy of blame that has been waged against Israelis.  They continue to discuss the battle that has taken place over time regarding the temple mount in Jerusalem by Muslims and Jews.  The dome of the rock is a Muslim mosque that has been built on top of where both temples were built.  This is the most holy and controversial piece of real estate in the world.  CBN reports that when Muslims want to unify the people say Al-Aqsa Mosque is in danger.  This is a tactic that is used against the Jews to incite Muslims to anger and unity.  Blame the Jews for everything and if any bad things happen don’t take responsibility and look inward, no blame the Jews. 


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