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Home » VFN Radio First Hour October 9th, 2013

VFN Radio First Hour October 9th, 2013


    It’s all about THE People and NOT your Party
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how it’s not about political parties but about the people everyone in congress was voted to represent.  When the President says that he wants to bypass the Congress He is saying he wants to bypass you, the people.  Each elected Congressman in the House of Representative represents 674,000 people in their state.  It is the most direct representation citizens have in Congress.  Today we have more people on the wagon then pulling the wagon at a time when the United States borrows around .40 cents for every dollar it spends.   They further discuss comments made by pastor, author, and entrepreneur T.D.Jakes when he said   that we have become a nation of consumers and not producers.  When you don’t produce anything all you can do is be proud of what you consumed. If things are going to change in America’s economy again we need to teach people how to produce again.   God created us to be fruitful.
One Year ago Under the threat of Government Shutdown, President Obama wanted to Keep Funding Planned Parenthood
Greg, John, and Pat discuss how just one year ago under the threat of government shutdown, President Obama wanted to keep funding Planned Parenthood.  Many are copying Dr. King’s legacy and even saying that he would approve of Saul Alinksy’s tactics of which he writes about in Rules for Radicals.  The truth is Dr. King’s fruit and own words prove otherwise.  However, President Obama who taught Saul Alinksy’s tactics produced a video which was posted to and supported Planned Parenthood’s stand and not to fund Planned Parenthood is not to support half the U.S. population which are women.  The truth is you would be hard pressed to find anyone who didn’t want to support women’s health but what they do oppose is Planned Parenthood connecting women’s health with the murdering of babies in the womb. Since 1973 there have been 50 million plus abortions committed in the United States.
“Dear God, End abortion send Revival.”

Never too Young to Be an Entrepreneur
John and Pat discuss how you are never too young to be entrepreneur.  John shares how his two sons age 11 and 13 started a cookie business.  He shares how he and his wife wanted their sons to experience getting involved and getting an understanding of how the economy works.  The boys decided they would bake cookies and sell their cookies door to door and to businesses.  In just a short while they are in the black and are already making a profit.  They continue to discuss their business plan that each one wrote and their vision for their business.  John and Pat continue to share with us how you are never too young to get involved in producing and becoming fruitful in your life. 
    GENESIS 3D Movie Dispels Evolution
John and Pat discuss a new movie that is being produced in Pensacola, FL.  They continue to discuss how the movie producers have reached part of a goal and continue working hard to raise the rest of their goal so the movie can be played in movie theatres.  This type of movie has never been done before and they continue to discuss the quality of the 3D.  The Genesis 3 D movie dispels evolution and exposes it for the lie that it is.  This is one movie you will want to support.
Get off the Shore and Rescue those who are Going Down
LISTEN NOW!  John shares about how one day he was out with his family at the beach when a woman ran past him screaming help, help.  John shares how he got up to see what the commotion was all about.  The woman pointed into the water and said they are drowning.  He instinctively ran into the water and began to swim out toward those who were drowning.  He realized that after a while he had not gotten to them and he was already tired from swimming.  He was able to help the two young adults safely back to shore.    He continues to share how when he reflected on the whole situation he remembered how most people were on the shore yelling and pointing but only he and a couple of others went out to help.  John and Pat encourages us take the same approach with all those who are drowning everyday around us and are going to hell because they don’t know Jesus as the Lord and Savior.  They encourage us to get off the shore and be willing to throw those who are drowning a life jacket or tube that they may come to know Jesus.  The only thing we can take with us when we pass away is our souls.  Let’s not be those who just look at those drowning every day in sin and say nothing but let us be those who race out to help.
    Who’s the Shot Caller in Your Life?
 John and Pat share about who is the “shot caller” in your life? Who is the one calling the “shots” the one who is leading and directing you in life?  They share how there is a big difference between those who follow God and those that don’t.  God has called us to live a life that is dependent on Him.  The person who doesn’t know Jesus as Lord or refused to follow Him and His ways is living a life independent of Him.   Independent of God’s direction, guidance, and influence in their lives. They continue to ask the question how can one truly live a blessed life and see things go well for them if they are living a life independent of God.  When we give Jesus our heart and submit to his will and ways we are saying Jesus is the shot caller of our lives.  Whatever Jesus says I do.  They continued to discuss how the lives of two individuals King Saul and David ended up.  One allowed people and himself to call the shots and one allowed God to call the shots and lead him where he needed to go.  Today it is being reported that 94 % of Americans have at least one Bible at home yet George Barna says that 81% of believers don’t read their Bible and only 19 % of believers actually read their Bibles.  We need to allow Jesus to call all the shots in our lives.  That only happens when we give our lives to Jesus and we abide with him.   He is faithful to lead us and guide us but we must be willing to trust Him with our lives.


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