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Home » VFN Radio Second Hour October 11th, 2013

VFN Radio Second Hour October 11th, 2013


    Israel Is Not Afraid to Strike Iran Alone; History proves we will be Thankful Later
LISTEN NOW! John, Greg, and Pat discuss how Israel is not afraid to take action towards Iran even if they have to stand alone.  They continue to discuss how over a year President Obama was too busy to meet with the Prime Minister of the only ally the United States of America has in the Middle East.  However, just a few months ago the White House did meet with P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu before he spoke at the United Nations.   The Prime Minister made it very clear that if Israel has to they will strike Iran alone and prevent them from having nuclear weapons.  Israel’s statements should not be taken lightly as they often deliver on what they say they will do as this is true when in 1981 Israel took out Iraq’s nuclear reactor,Osiraq.  Of course the world and even the U.S. condemned their actions.  Israel cannot afford to tolerate cognitive dissonance on their behalf which is the holding of two or more conflicting cognitions; ideas, beliefs, values, or emotional reactions.  They cannot lie to themselves and be divided from the truth.     However, almost ten years later this is what President Clinton had to say about Israel’s actions “everybody talks about what the Israelis did at Osiraq, in 1981, which, I think, in retrospect, was a really good thing. You know, it kept Saddam from developing nuclear power.”    As believers it’s important to stand with Israel when even when standing with Israel will not be a popular thing to do.
God sends Messengers to Warn His People
Greg, John, and Pat continue to discuss how God sends messengers to warn His people.  Greg has often spoke about the times and seasons of which the church is in and asked Michael Boldea, minister in Romania, if he thought we were Jeremiah, Josiah , or Daniel.  They continue to speak about how God has called us and moved people to the region for a season and for the time we are living to be those messengers.  They continue to share how since the first televised broadcast on the Gulf Coast, Greg’s watch stopped.  Why would God send Jonah if Nineveh would not repent?   We are all Josiah.  It is time to repent and ask God to protect us and our land.
 ORGANIZE UNCEASING PRESSURE! Are They Using Tips from Lucifer to organize America and the World?
Greg, John, and Pat discuss the seventh tactic out of the thirteen tactics community organizer Saul Alinsky writes about in his book Rules for Radicals.  In his book he discusses 13 tactics he encourages community organizers to employ however, the book is dedicated to Lucifer and is what Lucifer would employ.  They continue to share how organizing in and of itself is not bad it’s what you are organizing about and who you are organizing around is what matters.  They further discuss how the back cover dedicates the book to Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.
Saul Alinsky’s 10th Tactic
“The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.”

This tactic is about keeping organized unceasing pressure on the opposition so that the opposition can react in an unflattering way.  This is all part of a bigger set up one of which God has showed us has and is happening.   President Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright said on Sean Hannity’s program that the President was selected before he was elected.  They continue to share about a symposium that was held at President John F. Kennedy’s library where Robert Kutner shares about the selection process and how they looked at the Democratic candidates in 2008.  He said Jonathan Edwards was the most progressive, then Hilary Clinton, and that Barrack Obama was the most centrist of the three.  The only question was did he have the nerve.  Can he transform the nation?   This is the same thing that happened regarding President Woodrow Wilson.  He was selected because he was a good communicator they later found out that he also had his own agenda too.  The question is who said we need transforming?  The founding fathers wrote 27 reasons in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution to provide safe guards and freedom for our citizens.  The church must not remain asleep but awaken to the hour we find ourselves in.  Our hope is always to be placed in God alone. 

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