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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the importance of watching out for the for the “snow flakes”.  They continue to discuss the prophetic warning given to Evangelist Steve Hill regarding the coming avalanche of false teaching that will kill many unless those who walk according to God’s truth don’t shoot the avalanche down preventing the loss of so many.  Today there are flaky messages that are being preached over pulpits that contradict the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  There are many misperceptions regarding snow.  Although each snow flake has its own unique characteristics and no one snow flake is alike.  The gospel is only one way; there are not many gospels different and unique.  False teaching or “flaky” teaching have been stacking and stacking all around you and with 97% of believers not reading the Bible they will be suffocated by this avalanche of flaky teachings.  We come against all false teachings, twistings, and perversions of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with His truth.  

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