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Home » Who’s the “Shot Caller” in Your Life?

Who’s the “Shot Caller” in Your Life?

by Kneschke

LISTEN NOW! John and Pat share about who is the “shot caller” in your life? Who is the one calling the “shots” the one who is leading and directing you in life?  They share how there is a big difference between those who follow God and those that don’t.  God has called us to live a life that is dependent on Him.  The person who doesn’t know Jesus as Lord or refused to follow Him and His ways is living a life independent of Him.   Independent of God’s direction, guidance, and influence in their lives. They continue to ask the question how can one truly live a blessed life and see things go well for them if they are living a life independent of God.  When we give Jesus our heart and submit to his will and ways we are saying Jesus is the shot caller of our lives.  Whatever Jesus says I do.  They continued to discuss how the lives of two individuals King Saul and David ended up.  One allowed people and himself to call the shots and one allowed God to call the shots and lead him where he needed to go.  Today it is being reported that 94 % of Americans have at least one Bible at home yet George Barna says that 81% of believers don’t read their Bible and only 19 % of believers actually read their Bibles.  We need to allow Jesus to call all the shots in our lives.  That only happens when we give our lives to Jesus and we abide with him.   He is faithful to lead us and guide us but we must be willing to trust Him with our lives. 


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