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Home » Approaching Catastrophic Consequences; Potential WWIII and it BEGINS in Israel?

Approaching Catastrophic Consequences; Potential WWIII and it BEGINS in Israel?


LISTEN  NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how we are approaching catastrophic consequences if sanctions are lifted off Iran potentially WW III beginning in Israel.  They continued to discuss how President Woodrow Wilson campaigned on never going to war and of course he took the nation into war.  The same is true of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR).  The truth is that governments lie.  They further discuss how there have been many Arch Duke Ferdinand moments which launched WWII.  It has only been the grace of God that we have not entered a third world war.  They continue to share a part of a prophetic word shared by Jim Baker he calls “31 Things” God spoke to his spirit regarding the Last Days message for the Church.  This word was given in 1999 and many of them have come to pass already.  One of those 31 things he shared was an atomic bomb exploding in Israel. They further discussed that Iran’s driving force is nuclear war and because the President and his administration are not standing with Israel, Israel has been forced to seek assistance from Russia.  They continue to discuss the eight catastrophic consequences Noah Beck lays out in his article in Charisma magazine if sanctions are lifted off of Iran emboldening them to produce a nuclear weapon that could be used to strike Iran and for those chemical weapons to fall in the hands of Islamic Jihadist.  The United States pursued nuclear weapons to assist in keeping the world safe but things have changed in America.  We are seeing this nation being humbled and as one prophetic word Greg received America will be in the chains of deep bondage.  What we are seeing taking place in the Middle East with Iran and radical Islamist are what would appear to look like how toddlers would act however these toddlers would be equipped with nuclear weapons that would literally put an end to the Treaty of Non Proliferation and would start a massive arms race in the Middle East.  There once was a day the United States was respected around the world and world traveling Americans were given great respect and treated carefully with the full understanding that if anything happened to an American citizen on foreign soil America would respond.  This is not the case today neither in the world’s respect of traveling Americans and neither in the United States willingness to rescue Americans detained and falsely imprisoned in other countries.  One does not need to look much further than Pastor Saeed, an American born pastor who has been falsely imprisoned in Iran.  They continue to share a biblical world view that points to America suffering greatly for not standing in unity and in defense of Israel.  As time continues to move forward we are coming to realize that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s last address before the United Nations may be the last address he makes regarding stopping Iran’s nuclear capability before Israel stands alone and strikes Iran.   They encourage us to stand and pray for Israel.


President Obama awards Gloria Steinem with Medal of Freedom

Pastor Jim Bakker’s 31 Things

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Acts 16:35-38, 2 Chronicles 7:13-15

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