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Atheist “Mega Churches’” Global Phenomenon

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how Atheist mega churches are now becoming a global phenomenon. CBN News reports “The gatherings have been successful in Great Britain and are now drawing like-minded people in cities like San Diego, Calif., Nashville, Tenn., and New York City.  The so-called churches look like typical Sunday morning worship services, complete with music, hand clapping, and inspiration.  The missing element? God.”  These are folks who like the community of people gathering and connecting with others but no mention of God.  This should not be what the church does either when it meets.  When the church gathers it should be to worship Jesus Christ.    We have to get back to the fear of the Lord.  They continue to discuss that when Egyptian magicians threw down their staffs and it became a serpent Moses did the same but his serpent ate the serpents of the Egyptians.  Moses said it another way when he said how will they know you are with us unless your presence comes?  What differentiates us from anybody or group gathering is the presence of the Lord.  The apostle Paul warned the church day and night that wolves would come in.  Our church gatherings are not about us they are supposed to be all about Jesus.  If they are not about Jesus than we must check ourselves and examine if we or those who profess to gather in the name of God actually know the God they profess.


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Exodus 7:8-13, Exodus 33:14-16, Acts 20:28-31

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