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God Is Just


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how God is JUST.  Some have asked how could God allowed this to happen.  How is that justice?  God allows things to happen when we don’t make the right decisions when we are free to make them.  Greg continues to share how he feels that there is going to be a convergence of Justice that is coming .  You can’t repel justice.  God will make sure justice is served because He is justice.  Many who are afraid of justice are so because they don’t understand the Justice that God made available through the death of His son.  This is a justice movement that was started long ago. We must take a look at our history and not turn a blind eye as to what has happened throughout the short time of America’s existence.  They continue to discuss the coming judgments less the church repents.  What you didn’t choose to do God will force you to do, because you wouldn’t get it right at the cross He will balance the scales. Things can turn and they will turn if we choose to turn to God.


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