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Home » NFL Postpones all Games Until Answer Found?

NFL Postpones all Games Until Answer Found?

by Desig

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the possibilities regarding the end of the NFL, National Football League.  John Paul Jackson shared a prophetic word the Lord gave him when He showed him future headlines in newspapers.  One such headline read “NFL postpones all games until answers found”.  Greg shared how he feels the Lord has possibly showed him that the thing that will bring this word to pass is a major lawsuit from players regarding head concussions players received.  What if the NFL paid doctors were telling the players that they have been fine and okay and in reality the player has been lied to?  Such a lawsuit would have major financial consequences and could result in all the games being stopped because with each play another concussion could occur.  They continued to discuss many present and retired football players who committed suicide and have had or presently have mental conditions potentially due to playing football.  They continued to discuss what the stadiums could be used for as they reflect on how they have seen what God has done in stadiums before as they share what they experienced when they attended Promise Keeper events that were held in stadiums.  These events were awesome.  Thousands of men gathered all across the country to fill stadiums where they gave their life to God and worshipped him.  They encourage us to believe for a third great awakening to hit this nation resulting in so many people coming to God that the only place to facilitate such large crowds would be stadiums.  

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