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Home » VFN Radio Second Hour November 5, 2013

VFN Radio Second Hour November 5, 2013


    Personal Transformation which May Lead to National Transformation
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss God’s expectation when we come to Jesus is for us to be transformed as according Romans 12:1-2.  That we transform from what we were to what God wants us to be and that transformation takes place in our mind as we abide.  Greg shares a plan with us to exponentially transform America one person at a time starting with us.  This is not a political   or economic transformation; it is a personal transformation that begins when we accept a six week challenge to abide with the Lord.  As you abide and listen to what the Lord is saying about you to you; you can seek out three to five others who are willing to do the same and meet once a week sharing what the Lord has spoken to each one.   Every six weeks a new group can form and then another, and then another and before you know it by exponential growth we can literally transform America one person at a time simply by abiding.  Are you ready for the challenge?
    Businesses and Sponsors Partnering with VFNRadio and VFNtv: Taking THE Light to the WORLD
John, Greg, and Pat discuss businesses, sponsors and underwriters that are partnering with VFNRadio and VFNtv as we are taking THE LIGHT to the world. John shares about all the wonderful people he met while he was in Mobile, Alabama.  They continue to discuss their desire to promote Godly business to the Gulf Coast, across the country and world.   We want to see your business, and ministries to be very fruitful and succeed in all the Lord has called you to do.  They continue to share how God wants to reveal himself to you and give you revelatory insight into strategies and keys that will help you and your business to do well.  They further discuss how $1 million dollars from Lucifer is nothing compared to $1 that comes from God.  Let’s partner together. Become a VFNRadio and VFNtv sponsor today.
    Pastor Saeed Moved to More Dangerous Prison in Iran

Greg, John and Pat discuss how Iranian American Pastor Saeed is being moved to a more dangerous prison in Iran.  He is being moved to a prison that is more life threatening than the infamous Evin prison he was being detained in.  If we don’t stand up for him we will be him.  They encourage us to stand with organizations that are standing with Pastor Saeed and many of the persecuted church today all over the world.  The encourage us to call our representative and President Obama to take action now and to stand up for Pastor Saeed.  They continue to share prophetic revelation regarding the United States Air Force.  Satan hates you if you are Christian.  His darkness will overtake you if you deny Christ and or try to hide from who He is.  It is time to stand up and to shine your light for Jesus.


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