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VFNRadio First Hour November 13, 2013

    Just Being the Light in the midst of Darkness- Key to Third Great Awakening

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the importance of just being the light in the midst of darkness a key for a third great awakening.  They continue to discuss how it’s going to be some of the best of times and worst of times.  Anything that causes a man to look up is a good thing but sad that it would take something like that but God is okay with that.  This nation has tried everything from drugs, business, and relationships just about anything to try to fix an addiction.  There is going to be a great harvest where many people will come to the Lord.  If you just focus on being the light in the midst of great darkness people will see the light and come to the Lord.  People today are reaping from some of the poor choices they have made and are ripe for the harvest.  If you hold fast on the edge of faith that you profess mighty things will happen.  We must never forget that Satan comes in as an angel of light.  Politics is not the answer no matter how compelling their words are.   Jesus never ran for political office.  God did not overthrow Pilate or Pharaoh and made Nebuchadnezzar his servant.  The way we change America is by being a faithful witness for Jesus Christ in our cities and we change the regions of our country for the glory of God and people give their lives to Jesus.   By reaching people for the Lord just by simply being the light in darkness then those who have given their lives to Jesus will elect representatives that reflect biblical principles.    Our hope and answers are not in who is in Washington, D.C. but rather in Jesus Christ himself.  



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