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Home » VFNRadio Second Hour November 18, 2013

VFNRadio Second Hour November 18, 2013


    Saudi Arabia Partnering with Israel?
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how Saudi Arabia is partnering with Israel.  According to “Jerusalem Online”, “Israel and Saudi Arabia will work together in case of an Iran attack”.  This is in stark contrast to what the Muslim Brotherhood has been empowered to do in Egypt and in other countries around the world.  In their efforts to depose leaders their plan included kings.  The last thing any leader or person for that matter would want in the Middle East is an arms race for nuclear weapons and that is exactly what will happen if Iran is able to develop nuclear weapons.  They continued to discuss how they suspect that the arms race with Russia was fueled by Russia being able to send a rocket to into space.  If they could do that then it is possible to put a warhead on a rocket and strike the United States.  It shows the United States vulnerability.  You are presently seeing a shift were Russia is taking front and center on the world stage with events like the G20, surrendering to them the Arab League, Syria, and the Olympics not to mentions Forbes magazine listing Russian’s President as the most powerful man.  It’s time to stay alert and pray to share the gospel with everyone including Muslims in the Middle East.  God loves all mankind. 
    Prophetic Warnings- Philippines and Now America hit with Storms
Greg, John, and Pat discuss the prophetic warnings regarding the Philippines and the warning given to the United States and the recent storms that affected close to 53 million Americans across 12 states.  They shared the prophetic word given by Cindy Jacobs regarding the Philippines back in 2009 and how in the next two years need to be spent in prayer and fasting  for the nation and that the country would go on to be blessed or it suffer greatly.  As well the principality of corruption must be brought down through prayer.   Since that prophetic warning to the nation of the Philippines that have suffered through various storms and most recently the largest typhoon to ever make landfall.  One of the things that are hindering financial aid to the Philippines is the corruption that still exists today as reported in a recent NBC online article.  They further discuss all the prophetic warnings the Lord has given to the United States by so many of God’s prophets in particular the prophetic word given by John Paul Jackson named the perfect storm.  They also share how just hours after sharing Cindy Jacobs prophetic word at the VFN DC a tornado storm affected twelve states and ripped through the Midwest leveling complete neighborhoods with loss of life.  It’s time to hear God’s voice and obey.
    The End of the NFL?

Greg, John, and Pat discuss the possibilities regarding the end of the NFL, National Football League.  John Paul Jackson shared a prophetic word the Lord gave him when He showed him future headlines in newspapers.  One such headline read “NFL postpones all games until answers found”.  Greg shared how he feels the Lord has possibly showed him that the thing that will bring this word to pass is a major lawsuit from players regarding head concussions players received.  What if the NFL paid doctors were telling the players that they have been fine and okay and in reality the player has been lied to?  Such a lawsuit would have major financial consequences and could result in all the games being stopped because with each play another concussion could occur.  They continued to discuss many present and retired football players who committed suicide and have had or presently have mental conditions potentially due to playing football.  They continued to discuss what the stadiums could be used for as they reflect on how they have seen what God has done in stadiums before as they share what they experienced when they attended Promise Keeper events that were held in stadiums.  These events were awesome.  Thousands of men gathered all across the country to fill stadiums where they gave their life to God and worshipped him.  They encourage us to believe for a third great awakening to hit this nation resulting in so many people coming to God that the only place to facilitate such large crowds would be stadiums. 


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