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Home » VFNRadio Second Hour November 22, 2013

VFNRadio Second Hour November 22, 2013


    Greg Turns 50: Did you know that is half of 50 is 100?

LISTEN NOW! Greg shares about his special day as he leaves one decade behind and begins a new decade as he turns 50.  They continue to have a good time as Greg comes to the realization that he is getting older.  He continues to share how the start of the day was filled with a couple of surprises some of which was a nice card, some of his favorite biscuits from Cracker Barrel and a case of his favorite figs his wife travelled all the way to Alabama  to get for him.  He continued to share how his wife has the whole day planned out for them as they celebrate his birthday together.  Here’s to turning half of 50.

    Affordable Care Act 101 : A simplified Understanding  

Greg, John, and Pat discuss a simplified understanding of the affordable care act.  They discuss a video that breaks down in simple terms what the new benefits and terms will be under the affordable care act.  They further discuss an analogy involving children who sit their parents down and to tell them what they want their parents to provide regardless of whether they can afford it or not.  If they are not able to afford it, then borrow it. This in fact, is the same conversation we are having today with our government.  American citizens are receiving goods and services that our government cannot afford.

The Worst Question Ever Asked:  Did God Really Say That? 
Greg, John, and Pat discuss the worst question that was ever asked.  It is: Did God really say that?  This was the question the serpent told to Eve when she was in the garden.  God gave Adam and Eve special instructions to not to touch a certain tree.  The enemy came to immediately get Eve to question what God said.  They continue to discuss that the beginning of your fall is to question what God said.  When you do this, it produces a bi polar narrative of which Satan promotes.  This one question was just the beginning of questions that the enemy tries to attack us to entertain.  Did God really say a particular truth regarding sexuality, finances, marriage, fathers, wives, children, employees, discipleship, obedience, love, evangelism, heaven, hell, etc.?  Eve was only attacked with just one question.  Today with only 19% of all believers actually reading God’s Word that represents a huge problem since many don’t even know what God ‘s word says.  Do we really think that America is not going to fall?  We must repent for what has been preached over the pulpits of America.  VFNRadio is humbly here to share whatever God wants to be shared,  to communicate with God’s people whatever He wants communicated and said.  Many are preaching today “another” Jesus.  God is going to deal with his church and his church is not a building but those who have accepted Jesus into our lives.  It’s truly time to repent and to become His disciples.

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