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Home » Who we are: VFNRadio A Now Word

Who we are: VFNRadio A Now Word

Who we are: VFNRadio A Now Word
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss who we are at VFNRadio.  Today many are listening to procrastinators.  However, God has called us to be a “now word”.  This is truly a networking that God is building and it exists for whatever He wants to share with His people. By the grace of God we are to share a now word a perspective of what God is saying at the moment.  It’s important enough just to hear the news but you need to know what to do with news you hear.  We spend time abiding with God daily believing that God speaks to His sheep and they hear His voice at the same time keeping the conversation light and helping as many to abide with God and hear His voice for themselves.  We make this conversation available in so many ways including the VFN Torch, VFNRadio App, Television, The Torch newsletter podcast and social media so together we can reach the world for Jesus. 


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