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Home » Will Israel Act Alone?

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss whether Israel will act alone on Iran’s nuclear bomb threat.  According to CBN News “Iran is reportedly just weeks away from producing enough uranium for a nuclear warhead.”  Israel has been sounding the alarm on Iran’s fast-approaching capabilities to mostly deaf ears around the globe.   They continued to discuss the threat that a nuclear Iran is to Israel, the United States and the world.  It is being reported that Iran’s new president has started a “charm” offensive because the sanctions are working.  However a wolf in sheep’s clothing is still a wolf.  Iran is the only country who has a government that has a ministry secretary in charge of exporting radical Islam.  The same radical Islam that the FBI has allegedly purged information the United States had according to Congresswoman Michelle Bachman.  They continue to discuss why the United States did not help the citizens of Iran to seek their freedom during the Arab Spring and pose the question whether the President’s closest advisor, Valerie Jarret who was also born in Iran, had any influence on the President’s decision to ignore the people of Iran.  They continue to discuss a recent interview posted in The Jewish Voice from Germany where they discuss some of the ways the Jews got along in Germany before and how they live now in Germany.  They continue to discuss one of the realities that came out of this interview that how they treated Jews and Christians is not something that is only restricted to Germany but what is happening all over the world in their treatment of Jews and Christians.   They continue to discuss how we are entering a season that tries men’s souls.  The only way to make it is to abide daily, hear God’s voice and obey what he tells you to do.

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