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Being an Ambassador for the Greatest King and His Kingdom

by Lee

LISTEN NOW! Greg and Pat discuss being an ambassador for the greatest King and his kingdom, Jesus Christ.  They continue to discuss what an actual ambassador does. It is especially important and beneficial for us to get this understanding as God’s word instructs us to be Ambassadors for Jesus.  Just recently Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy, was just appointed as United States Ambassador in Japan.   In her role as a United States Ambassador she moved to Japan and does her best in sharing American culture and building relationships so the President’s plans and agenda are communicated and given the best possible opportunity to succeed in the land.  The ideal behind being an ambassador is to always be the highest and most direct representation of your country in a foreign land.  For instance when anyone in Japan would see Ambassador Caroline Kennedy it is appropriate to understand that she represents America.  Ambassadors don’t just show up on their own but rather are sent.  They continue to discuss the duties and functions of an ambassador as the ambassador helps the people in the land they are in to visit the country they represent.  How one secures passports and all the proper documentation and most of that information is provided in a building called the embassy.  God himself has given us a ministry of reconciliation and has called us as Christians to be his representatives and to help the people we come in contact with the opportunity to enter His Kingdom.  It’s not about getting them to visit the embassy “the building” but rather it’s about helping people enter the Lord’s Kingdom.  God wants us to tell them how awesome He is and that he loves them and has a plan for their life.  It’s not strange for you to walk into a place and everyone to know that you are a Christian.  If you are ashamed of Jesus you can’t be his ambassador.  We are citizens of the Lord’s Kingdom and people should be able to look to us not just to know what a citizen of heaven looks like but to find assistance and how they can become a citizen of heaven too.  God loves you so much he paid the price for your citizenship.


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