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Home » Chilean Candidate for President Accepts Jesus Christ

Chilean Candidate for President Accepts Jesus Christ

screen capture from Van

LISTEN NOW! John, Greg, and Pat discuss the many wonderful things that are happening in South America.  One of the things they discussed as previously mentioned on VFNRadio and VFNtv were two wonderful accounts of recent happenings in South America including Ecuadorian President threatening to resign if abortion is made legal.  Also they previously discussed how evangelist Nick Vujicic urged the members of parliament in Paraguay to get on their knees while in session and pray to God, of which they did.  Today they discuss Evelyn Mathei, the Chilean candidate for Chile’s Presidency, recent decision to give her life to Jesus Christ.  The Christian Post quotes her as saying

“I pledge to continue with the future of our government and God willing if I get there, nothing will be done that goes against what the Bible says.”  Marriage is between a man and a woman, and life I s cared for from the moment of conception until natural death.   No to abortion, no to euthanasia.  That is a commitment I make before you.”  They continue to encourage us pray for our elected officials and believe for Godly representatives that will represent the people but most importantly not make any laws that would violate God’s word. 


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